Looking for 3D Printed Enclosure Advice

Hey guys, so I wanted to get a fancy looking enclosure and in my situation getting one 3D printed would be easiest and cheapest way to do it. Here is my design, I’m planning on drilling some hole in the indents and using regular skate hardware to hold it on.

I was wondering if anyone that has more experience with 3D printing and plastics could give me some advice. I was going to get it printed on 3dhubs.com and the prices for PLA are significantly cheaper than anything else. Will it be strong enough and hold up or do I need to go with a different type of plastic? I’m also wondering if the holes around the screws would end up cracking and if I should reinforce that area. Thanks.

I would recommend you avoid using pla. It’s fairly brittle and it doesn’t handle high temperature well at all. It will crack quickly if you overtighten your screws. Use abs at least, that has some flexibility and higher thermal resistance. For strongest results (which I admit are more expensive) use something like polycarbonate-abs or ASA-X or another “special” plastic. Your design looks good and well planned, that’s the most important thing.

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Wall thickness about 5mm thick and you can go with pla.

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I would not recommend pla too. It is brittle and Cracks with all the vibration! Use and, petg, nylon or any other strong Material.

If it is too expensive to buy in a specialised Shop just ask some Forum members :slight_smile:

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