Looking for 4, 18650 batteries

I’m going to be getting a flashlight which runs on 18650s. I’ll need 4 batteries. Don’t need anything crazy, but wanted to reach out to community and see if anyone had some extras laying around and wouldn’t mind letting go at a decent price. The max draw


EDIT: I’m in Seattle, WA, USA

You may want to give your location, as shipping for only 4 batteries may significantly change the final price depending on location.

Thanks for that, forgot to consider shipping locations.

I have some that appear to be knockoff NCR18650GA cells. They’re only 2600mah instead of 3500, but they’re fine for flashlights. I have like two dozen, so that’s what I run in all my 18650 lights.

Happen to have a link to the light you’re referring to?

I’m going to be picking up one of these Thrunite TN30’s. Generally considered one of the best flood light flashlights. They use legit Cree LEDs and the lumen rating is actually pretty accurate versus the Chinese branded stuff


I like using a handheld while skating at night.

Thrunite makes good stuff.

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in case cant find any heres a link for ebay. Ive been using their 14500 in my flashlight/headlight

wow thats crazy cheap…