Looking for 5.5mm motor bullet cable extenders

My 5.5mm motor cables are not long enough, I can’t seem to find any online either, anyone have any luck with 5.5mm female to 5.5mm male cables?

not worth the hassle, just take off the short wires and solder on correct length.

if ur building you should get comfortable soldering in general but especially bullet and xt connectors.

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thats a good option, but you are voiding any warrenty you have on your vesc/ fovbox…just buy a pack of bullet connectors and make and extended adapter

Make them yourself, good soldering practice. If you don’t believe in your own skills then you can get someone local to do it. If you live in the middle of nowhere well, basically anyone on this forum would be happy to sell you some including me.

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thats an enertion peculiarity. And even then they don’t really enforce it. @queue_together have you tried hobbyking? If they don’t have the extended cables (they have 4mm motor cables just not sure of 5.5) they definitely have connectors and wire etc.

I think Torqueboards sells those extensions on their website

Yeah it seems like nobody sells 5.5mm cables and I’ll have to make my own. I’ve never soldered before so this is gonna extend the time until I can ride but should be interesting

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I believe they sell 4mm cables and 5.5mm to 4mm, but I’m kind of looking for 3.5mm to 5.5mm or just 5.5mm to 5.5mm

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Do you know how to solder? And if you don’t its good to practice, and soldering new bullet connectors might be the easiest solders I have ever done

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No not really, I’ve done it once or twice but since then I don’t have any equipment with me so I’ll need to pick up a kit first

This is what I use, very cheap iron but gets the job done, comes with different tips too so that is helpful


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Learn how to solder.

I bought a variable temp solder gun a couple years ago for 20 bucks, 50W, it has worked well for me. Just keep your tip tinned, watch a few videos on how to solder… it’s a seriously indispensable skill to learn. This is a good case for example… try to find some very niche connector/extension and pay a premium + shipping or be SOL, or as easily as 1-two(drunk to know what else but as long as you know 1 is a number it’s that easy) just make your own.

Yeah thats the exact kit I was just looking at, going for it

:joy: I have used this same iron for the last two years, and it has never failed me…

Would I just need to wrap the wire around the holes and solder? Or just stuff stripped wire into the plug and fill with solder?

Yeah I just fill the connector with solder and then stick the wire in there Edit: the stripped wire

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It’s for xt connectors but the princip is always the same. Strip the wire, tip it with solder Heat up the bullet, fill it with solder Stick the wire in the heated bullet and let it cool down. Cover the end with heatshrink You good to go!

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Seems simple enough, gonna give it a shot


So here’s where I’m at now

I received my cables and soldering kit in the mail. I bought 3.5mm extension cables, my ESC is 3.5mm and my Motors are 5.5mm

My female 3.5mm connectors fit inside the female 5.5mm ends but they are not super secure.

Is it safe to just solder the female end inside of the other bigger 5.5mm female end? Or should I play it safe and strip the wires/connections down and solder on new ones?

the latter.

solder off the mismatched connectors and use the correct sizes.