Looking for 68T pulleys for ABEC clones

I’ve got the Lazyrolling 97mm “Glow” wheels that I want to use on my Boosted Stealth, but I can’t find the right pulleys, so I thought it might be a job for the DIY forum.

The pulleys need to be 68T to keep the stock gear ratio (or at least around 63T, which would give me 8% overdrive) and I tried Eboard Stuff’s set, but they didn’t fit since the wheels’ core spokes are thicker than real ABECs’. I’ve heard of people using the MBS pulleys for Boosted, so I at least know they would fit, but those are 56T and I’m trying to avoid losing so much torque/braking.

Does anyone know of any other options or where I could get some made for a reasonable price? Thanks!

68t pullys on 97mm wheels? Really? Biggest abec pulleys ive seen are 44t. Im genuinely curious about this. I can’t picture it.

Hmm maybe I’m missing something? I’m going off this: https://www.eboardstuff.com/collections/pullies-hubs/products/68-tooth-billet-aluminum-pulley

Remember that it’s HTD3…smaller pitch diameter

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I was gonna say, aren’t the teeth just smaller

Everyone uses htd5 in DIY, so doubt you’ll find those here. You can get both motor and wheel pulley on htd5 though.

I see. The motor pulley’s not removable on Boosted, so unfortunately, that’s not an option for me. Thanks, though

A 44T 5M pulleys is larger than a 72T 3M pulley. I agree you should get a HTD5M system, it’s better quality and stronger

Oh that makes sense. I don’t follow much boosted board info, no need.