Looking for a 10s2p Battery that can fit inside the a Boosted XR Battery enclosure

Hi, I am fairly new to the DIY part of eboarding and I am looking to recreate a boosted board V2. I wanted to use a boosted enclosure so It matches the shape of the vanguard deck, but I can’t seem to find any batteries that can fit the dimensions of the enclosure. I do not need much range or any speeds above 20mph. I have attached a list of the parts I ordered off of MBoards if that helps determine compatibility.

Thank you for any and all help!

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For starters, 10s2p is not a lot of p. Meaning its not going to be a whole lot of capacity or give much range. Maybe thats ok for your intended build.

Theres 2 ways to dive into this. Either do an image search for 10s2p and shop that way, or look for a custom battery builder who can configure an 18650 battery pack to fit inside your enclosure.

Pay extra attention to the included BMS if any, what brand it is, what functions and parameters it has. Does it do active or passive balancing? Is it programmable? Does it have bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor it thru your smart phone?

So whats your battery budget look like? Also beware of packs that are too cheap. They will likely be made from sub-par cells. I know from experience that the market for loose, individual 18650 batteries is just chock full of garbage cells. Not sure if its the same with ESK8 batteries but something about paying only $96 shipped for a 10s2p pack sounds fishy to me.

Oops, where are my manners? Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @tallguyskate. :upside_down_face:

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If anyone buys from mboards, pleeeeaaasse check the battery pack immediately. I don’t mind buying from some vendors, but mboards batteries, as heard from others, are spotty.

Other than that, i haven’t heard anything else.

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Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

If a 10s2p battery is a little weak, is there a mid range battery that you think would work better? Maybe it would be possible to mod an actual boosted battery that is meant to fit in the enclosure. I will also swallow my pride and admit I don’t know what the number 18650 means yet, so I will do some research on that.

I was hoping to spend at most around $400 use for a battery if I need a new one. I actually have an existing 10s2p battery that happens to not fit in my elcosure, hence why I am here.

Are there any really well known ESK8 Batteries that are reliable and high quality?

Thank you again for your help. It is much appreciated.

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I will definitely keep this in mind! It’s a shame MBoards isn’t high quality since they make the building process seem streamlined.

If you know any high quality battery manufacturers or companies, I would definitely consider them as an option for this build.

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18650 is code for the cell measurements. 18mm in diameter, 65mm in length (slightly longer if its got an individual cell protection circuit but they still call it 18650) and the 0 means its a round cell. There are smaller cylindrical lithium cells like the 10440 (aaa size) and they go on up to 66160 and maybe larger.

Wanna build a board with 38120s?

I’m not opposed to it! I’m new to soldering so hopefully I don’t make any critical mistakes putting these cells together.

Is there a way to get prebuilt BMS controllers that are programmable? I am still definitely interested in keeping things as simple as possible. Perhaps it was a bad idea to get a boosted V2 enclosure that doesn’t fit much of anything on the market.

As far as a BMS I’m not sure what the difference i between active and passive balancing, but I’d like one that is best for the health of the battery / one on the higher end. I wouldn’t mind phone monitoring either so if there is a fully feature packed BMS, I’m happy to look into it.

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Was joking about those Headway cells (38120s). That uh… could be a bit awkard on an Esk8 build. 10 or 12 of those would be rather bulky. Also soldering directly to cylindrical cells is not recommended as the heat can damage the cells.

Vendors that makes them. You can ask if they can make one that fits in the enclosure:

Bigredsboards.com Skyartpower.com


Haha good to know!

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Thank you so much! I’ve reached out to both of the vendors to see what they can do! :slight_smile:


If you’re not looking to break the bank you can give Meepo a look. I’ve used four of their batteries without issue. I’ve cut open a few and they seem constructed well and they also offer custom configurations.