Looking for a 10s2p battery upgrade

Hello everyone, So I’ve been running my single belt drive boosted clone for a while now. It’s a ton of fun zipping around town. I recently moved to college (Cal Poly slo) and I’ve run into a problem. Basically, my dorms are on the top of a hill, and downtown and the grocery stores are all about two miles downhill. My board is fine going down of course and going around town. My issue is that my battery sags like crazy coming back up. Right now I’m running a super cheap [ownboard battery] that I’ve had for a few years now. I want to be able to not walk up the hill carrying my heavy board. I heard that the meepo v3 battery is decent. Does anyone know if this will get me up some not super steep but sustained hills? If not I’m willing to buy custom as long as it will fit in my old ownboard metal case. I’m trying my best not to have to build a new board lol (https://www.ownboard.net/products/ownboard-ele ctric-skateboard-battery?variant=13662143414314)


Oh hey, I build custom batteries. :joy:

What would be a rough price estimate for a 10s2p with a bms from you?

250… but I build high end batteries. Made to last. That price is also for 21700. Pm me so we can work out the details.