Looking for a 15mm pulley kit and 97mm ReFly-s or Flywheel clones and GT2B custom enclosure [EU]

I created this thread because I’m trying to save some money, so if u have anything to offer be sure to do so.

Ideally looking for 36/15 pulley kit, but something a little more torquey would also be great. My motor has a 10mm bore.

Thanks, BlaccIX

I have a complete drive train for sale. It has maybe too much torque with a 6374 149kv Monster but thats up to you

Thanks for the offer but I already have a motor.

The remote case is more of a secondary thing, most importantly I’m looking for the drivetrain and wheels. I was about to order them from eskating.eu, but decided to first look around in this forum and search for cheaper options.

Bump I’ll wait 1 or 2 days before I’m ordering them.