Looking for a 5 amp wall charger

I had a battery built and it came with a 2 amp charger. I was told there’s 5 amp chargers floating around. if anyone knows where I can obtain one it would be great! Thanks in advance

Voltage please

I’ve had one of these and it’s been good so far. Has it’s own fan and charges way quicker than the little 2a chargers. https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32760909127.html?spm=a2g0n.orderList.0.0.1167fd1dDKuVxm&

For a 12s 5p. “18650’s”

Hey Brian, We need to know what size battery you have. i.e.: 6s or 10s or 12s


couldn’t find a 5a for 12s. Only 4a or 20a

from what I see, they have 60 day shipping. that must be by canoe from china!

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Are you in Eu or US, there s some eu sellers that ave some 12S or 10S 4A charger

Decided to buy the barrel plug version for the hell of it. For the barrel plug, is the inner tip positive? Outside sleeve, negative?

Yes, inner positive. Worth checking though with a meter just in case the assembly was off! The one I linked is the 10s version. I’m sure they’ll do a 12s version too though.

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I’m in the u.s.

i just received my 2nd one…one for home one for work… itll charge my 2p in about 90min and my 8p ebike battery in about 3hrs

you just have to fab a connector of choice to the end…or what i did is wire in multiple connectors for a variety of my 36v connections


Thanks guys, I think I’m gonna go with the charger from aliexpress. Since my b-day is at the end of January, it will be like a :gift: to myself by the time it arrives!

keep in mind too your bms charging amperage.

5amp you should be fine, but some bms can only handle up to 5a charge current. that means your bms will probably run hot if that’s the case. and don’t just throw a 7-10a charger at any bms before making sure it can handle it.

Thanks for the tip. Psychotiller built my battery and suggested a 5a charger! I don’t know what bms he used but he does.

you’re good then, you should be good up to 10a.

5a is still well within specs too.

possible you got a bms I got for him!

Oh cool, thanks again!

I ordered another charger from aliexpress on the 14th of Dec and it turned up today. Pretty speedy service just like the last one.

Good to know