Looking for a 83-90 mm wheels [EU]

I’m looking for a 83 or 90 mm cheap wheels for my first board. Also I need trucks. I live in Spain

I dont understand :slight_smile:

Lol It’s because it’s wrong. :smile: I need wheels and trucks

Plenty of shops online, also ebay and Amazon have it. If you want to buy from someone of the community I bought recently from Frédéric @e.board_solutions. Otherwise you could look inside the used market section in the forum. In any case are easy to find them.


Thanks, I will check on ebay. The problem with Amazon.com is that shipping cost and taxes are greater than the product.

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Are you going for hub motors?

No, belt motor

Okay I have some trucks pm me

I’ll have a second hand pair of 90mm Abec clones when my new wheels arrive if you’re interested. I’ll have to weight them after swapping out to see how much shipping from UK to Spain is.