Looking for a Beta Tester: Kegel Wheel Pulley

Anyone out there with a 3D printer and already using a insert pulley with some of the truck cut off or Enertion trucks?

I made this 36T HT5 Kegel pulley and I just want to see if it fits properly, no actual riding. I have not gotten myself Kegels yet, but I will eventually. Made to fit a F608-ZZ bearing.

Let me know and I’ll send you the STL files.


I have made and printed one for the Evolve GT using Nylon. It worked during testing but have not put very many miles on it. I also have some for the Abecs in Nylon and ride those to work at least twice a week.

Isn’t there a pulley like this already on thingiverse? Might compare yours with the dimensions of the uploaded one to get them right.