Looking for a cheap reliable motor mount

Looking to buy a single motor mount that work on caliber 2 enertion trucks and a 6374 motor. Thanks. Prefer for it to be less than $60. I have been looking online and most mounts are either really expensive or too cheap and unreliable.


A guy in the forum is selling some of these. I purchased and am just waiting for it to come in (he is in and ships from Lithuania).

Looks like a really sturdy mount and for $40, I went for it. Suppose you can ask others in that thread if they enjoy the mount.

Hey @Bensaida - being in Cali i’d suggest you also consider @korryh’s mounts. I have a few and super well made/solid. Also local’ish to you in bay area so perhaps faster w/ no customs delay.

For just the motor mount, it’s in your price range. You still need to source motor/wheel gears and belts. I recommend using the bbman belt length calculator when you know your gear teeth numbers and Center to Center distances.

@Gee - pretty sure that’s exactly what he was referencing as cheap/unreliable. That and the round hanger mount ebay ones - i’d avoid personally.

For a single setup, especially if you aren’t a lightweight rider - i’d get minimum 12mm wide gears/belt, or better even to go to 15mm. If in doubt i’d also suggest trying to add an idler pulley to keep more teeth in mesh and less force/belt-tightness needed so less wear on all.


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as a general rule, but specifically with powered skateboard gear… If its good it ain’t cheap, if it’s cheap it ain’t good.

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I totally agree but then why you ordered a couple of hobbyking motor mounts?

But i also have to say that i had an expensive mount on my first build which has never worked properly…

I think there are areas you can skimp to save some $.

A mount isn’t one i’d suggest unless there’s history and a feel for reliability.

To put it in perspective - a motor mount failure at speed will almost certainly be catastrophic (as in sailing through the air and about to introduce your face to the asphalt/road/sidewalk). So going bare budget least expensive option here doesn’t seem like a good idea…

But hey - i like my face, and think most of it missing might affect my ruggedly handsome good looks… :wink:

I would prioritize those critical items and not be the first to try a budget mount (not to say it might be a good deal and worth checking into - for science!), vs tried-and-true.

I would highly recommend Korry’s mounts - one on my GF’s board and rock solid. I also recommend the v2 and v4 DIYes mounts (made from 7xxx series aluminum - NICE!).

I’ve tried a ton of different ones - ADS v1, v1/v2/v4 DIYes, Enertion CF (nice not as adjustable), Psychotiller, KorryH, and the two i’d use are Korry or DIYes. The new ADS v2 might be better than the v1, but i tried on Paris 195’s and round hanger/axle + mount = PITA and don’t recommend.

Anyway - HTH and GL!

Yep, because I wanted to see the composition and architecture. You will notice that I have posted any builds using them :).

http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-n5065-motor-mount-with-drivewheel-kit-1636t-p-481.html Electric Skateboard N5065 Motor Mount With Drive Wheel Kit 16/36T 3M Gearing Ratio 16T/36T 3M. http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-motor-mount-fits-paris-truck-and-50mm-motors-p-503.html Electric Skateboard Motor Mount Fits Paris Truck and 50mm Motors