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Looking for a Complete E-Board

Hey, I’ve recently got into a nice chunk of change and i’m looking to invest it into a nice sleek e-board. I’m looking for a nice single hub or dual hub ride. I want ti took look as sleek and low profile as possible; something along the lines of this

It doesnt have to be a dual hub, as seen int he picture, but it must be sleek and well enclosed.

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Maybe @RunPlayBack would be willing to make you a custom build (he’s the one that made the build in these pictures).

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Yup, I messaged him, i’m now currently waiting on a reply. Just posted this up here just in case anyone else has something to show

Just in case you haven’t already noted the other sellers on the forum, a few others sell completes here. @longhairedboy @onloop @chaka apologies if I missed anyone.


That picture is actually a single hub. Here’s my original article on how I built my single hub board and another article on how I built my dual board. The Space Cell now comes with an enclosure but if you prefer a custom enclosure from me @torqueboards makes some flat battery packs now too. I’d highly recommend the Carvon hubs, especially if you’re into the natural feel of skating. Here’s some videos of my hubs in action:


That’s great but i’m not much of a fan of making the board, I’ve tried it once and It didn’t go too well. i was interested in if you were looking to either sell one of your boards or maybe be paid to do a project.

I’m doing a production run on an Aluminum Kicktail deck which will have threaded mounting holes for a modular enclosure depending on your battery pack, ESC+electronics will be in one enclosure + modular battery pack with the modular mounting points.

I’ll be looking at offering completes for these as well. A cheaper option to the CF deck I want to make as well.

I’m only offering a belt/pulley setup for our new motor mounts. But you can always add hub motors to it if you wanted too.

Minus the triangle slots though…Adds to machining costs.


It would be tough to part with my boards as I pretty much use them daily. Don’t really have time to do a commissioned project unless we were local. However, there are plenty of guys on this forum who love to a build for you for the right price $$$. Like bees to honey, watch them fly in :smile:

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Its just not gonna happen unless you can assemble it yourself. People will give you all the parts and an instruction manual is this forum, but you will end up having to do work yourself unless you will be willing to pay $1300+. What you want to do is very easy to accomplish and the only expensive (unnecessary in my opinion) part is the enclosure .

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Haha true, I knew it wouldn’t have been too easy. I live in NYC also, but I understand; once you put that much effort into something it’s not easy to just let it go for money. I applaud that!

@NNGG has a point…no electric skateboard is bullet proof … There is no doubt that if you commission a board to be made by certain people here it will kick the tail of any production board in the market … Today and for a few years…

Based on how, where and how long you ride will contribute to the health of your board… Stuff breaks (mechanical or stupidity) …all of us here probably could fix whatever is broke in a few mins as long as we had the parts on hand … As some of us do…We would advocate Build the darn thing…

But if your looking for a plug and play…no knowledge of mechanics required… then the high end production boards maybe for you.

What ever you decide …

You’re gonna have a goodtime​:facepunch:t2::zap:️:metal:t2:


yes , triangle slots are dangerous .

on the other hand , circular holes would help easy carry .

I almost pulled the trigger on this complete board before I decided to do a DIY build. Double kingpin trucks are super fun. Might be worth looking into if you want something like RIGHT NOW. DIY is a lot of waiting for parts to arrive, trial and error and customization (which is actually part of the fun).

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Can’t deny they have nice stuff … But hands on is 100% more satisfying

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