Looking for a cool deck to build with

hay I am looking for any sort of longboard deck that isn’t a common type of board for my new eskate. I had a surfboard design before but I don’t want to do that one again. I was considering another board from flea-bay but I don’t mind paying 60 to 100 for a neat looking board…I don’t need a design on the bottom sense there will be a carbon fiber enclose underneath. any links are appreciated.


My cousin thinks this is pretty cool.

You gotta define “cool,” otherwise you’re just asking to be trolled :sweat_smile:


I would suggest reading some build logs untill you see something ‘cool’

I personally love kick tails and decks must have pop, most here don’t care about either.

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I thought I might get trolled…

anyways I’m looking for something like the decks that phychotiller uses. something that pops out not something that is cookie cutter looking.

These guys make custom designs: https://www.facebook.com/BeardsOnBoards/

there’s a make your own kit out there, with the ability to select the number of laminates you want… It would be relatively easy to add a fabric top and bottom layer, just grab some t-shirts with a design you like and go to town, I’d think.

I really like this one


:heart_eyes: That board marches my nails. Do you have a link?

holy shit yes this is what I was looking for!! :smiley:

Choose the enclosure first and you should end up with a professional look esk8 later.



well I was going to build my own enclosure from wood and fiberglass cloth and resin. i saw someone make an enclouser on youtube and they laid out a lot of details on how so i thought id do that.

That’s great it’ll be a true DIY :sunglasses:

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