Looking for a deck shape like the LY TRIPLE BEAM

I am looking for a stiff (8 or 9 ply) deck shaped like the LandYachts Triple Beam. Just the outside shape, with a slight concave. I dont really care about the insets on the bottom of the deck. thanks

the shape isn’t too unique. Not sure about the microdrop though.

look at the LY Prophecy and Top Speed. Also the Arbor VÜGENHAUSEN and CYPHER.

I’m sure there are others… but nothing exactly matching i could find w/ a quick search.

The top speed looks really nice, might have to pick one up. thanks

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I used the Hi5ber overtaker which has a similar shape. Only problem is that, with 97mm wheels, you need 1 inch spacers to avoid wheel bite.

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very nice looking board, much flex?

none, if you’re a heftier rider (200+lbs) you can add the “heavy duty” option for more reinforcement.

@Jinra - this is why i typically go w/ more traditional cutaway nose symetricals (Vanguard, Demonseed, etc). Ability to run >90mm wheels w/o risers is one of my requirements for most boards. The occasional top mount kick tail being the rare exception (super functional - just can’t / won’t run big wheels).

yea, that’s the reason i choose the honey velocity board for my first build. I wanted a drop down for this new build so i got the overtaker. I think I’ll stick to the previous style for future builds, though i don’t mind the extra height as much as i thought. It makes it very easy to turn.

Hi @Jinra how does the weight of your hi5ber board with everything on it (motors, battery, etc…) compare to the weight of your previous build ? I’ve been lusting a hi5ber board for some time but wonder how much of a weight improvement you get versus traditional wood decks.

my new build is 18.2 lbs consider to 20.x on my wood. Keep in mind the wood one has smaller motors.

It’s a good 2 pounds lighter, which i can definitely tell when carrying it around