Looking for a griptape laser cutter, any advice?

So it seems that a lot of people had issues with their laser cutters, so wether they returned it or it’s now a peper weight. I seems the only happy ones are those who paid 8k for one.

Is there anything affordable in the market?

@Boardbuzzed any advice?

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Have you checked the Glowforge. I Think most of cheap ones like the K40 won’t have the work area to fit a whole grip tape sheet and they need lots of upgrades.
There was a link for a store on Etsy that does custom orders and it was pretty cheap.

Check out ur local makerspace or hackerspace they usually have one or 2 setup and have guys that specialize with it

I think @mmaner was looking into this a while back?

I just came back from reading the glowforge forum for an hour, it seems I found another world, there is so much to learn about laser cutting, it involves designing, practicing And a lot of money investment.

The basic cost about $2500 and it can cut and engrave

That guy has a link on his website for a coupons it says you can save 100$ to 500$ depending on the model you choose. There is also free dxf/svg files for honeycomb pattern. http://www.designsbyphil.com/glowforge.html