Looking for a little advice o a upgrade

hey guys, I’m hoping to get a little help making a decision on some wheel pulley so I dont end up wasting time and money with trial and error.

my current build consists of a 8s pack,190kv motor 16\36 tooth pulleys with around 75mm wheels… where live the roads can be pretty rough with Fair bit of hills. But the set up has been doing me well, speed is decent, only a few hills i cant get up (some are a struggle but it makes it) but the rough roads have been a killer. So i recently decided to upgrade to 10s which im almost done building, ordered and am waiting on some 97mm wheels. but was thinking about how it will effect speed and hill climbing, as i understand bigger wheels equal more speed and less torque, and while a little more speed would be ok the point of the wheels is for the ride quality and getting over debris in the road not necessarily to go faster…

Ive looked at the esk8 calculator but theres nothing regarding torque understandable cause that number is harder to come up with cause motors and such vary so greatly. But i was hoping some of you might be able to give me a idea of what ill be looking at in that regard and your thoughts on pulley size I should be looking at?

Im looking to keep around the same(or more) torque I have now same with the speed, and if possible by changing just the wheel pulley (idk if i can get the motor pulley off) I understand if I got a smakler motor pulley Id lower speed, and increase torque, but the calulator shows a drop in speed from a LARGER wheel pulley, is this correct? and would i get the same speed/torque changes from a larger wheel pulley as smaller motor one? and what would you more knowlagable guys do with my setup to achieve what im lookung too?

thanks in advance for your input guys

I would set your top speed to something reasonable (like 28/30mph), and don’t be greedy, because the smaller it is, the more torque you’ll have and the more range you’ll have. Once you decide on a top-speed, you can adjust the gear ratios accordingly. There is a calculator at https://calc.


yes,that is what my post was about. ive used the calculator and with my current gearing the 97s are going to be faster than i care too go, and im worried ill loss too much torque and not be sble to roll up any hillls…so my question was 2 fold, firstly I was wondering what gearing others would suggest to keep my top speed and torque roughly the same, and more importantly if i could achieve this with changing only the wheel pulley? (if a larger wheel pulley would achieve the same result as a smaller motor pulley?)

What is your top speed now? I’d use the same one, if you want the same torque. Lower it to increase torque and/or range.

with my current wheels its just shy of 30, ive got some 97,s otw but that puts my max over 40… in my original post i mentioned knowing that a smaller motor pulley would lower speed but increase torque, but that the calulator shows a BIGGER wheel pulley dropping my speed as well… and as id like to only switch the wheel pulley, if a bigger wheel pulley would achieve the same speed reduction/torque increase as a smaller motor pulley assuming you end up with the same ratio eigther way? or if there was a good reason to change the motor pulley over the wheel pulley or vis versa, thanks for your help, maybe i wasnt as clear as i thought i was being in my original post

im asking all this because im upgrading from like 75mm wheels to 97mm wheels, but the point of the upgrade is just for a smoother ride, not nessarily for moee speed. and id like to insure i at least keep the hill climbing ability i currently have when I get the bigger wheels

You’re going from 8s to 10s torque won’t be an issue. There is no comparison. As @b264 said either gear it down or limit the top speed. I would ride it first though because 16/36 has plenty of torque as is on 10s. I’m 110kg and mine rips me up most hills. Single motor may give you traction issues though but you already know this.

Even with the larger wheels? so your saying i might not notice much lose in hill power going from 75 to 97mm wheels? I understand the process around putting a smaller motor pulley to increase torque and decrease speed butI was also asking, the calc. shows a similar speed reduction if you increase the wheels pulley size as it does if you DECREASE the motor pulley size cause if need be id prefer to only switch the wheel pulley (idk if i can get the motor pully off tbh, im curious if it achieves the same chane in torque or not.

And yes aware of traction issues, but ive learned to live with it. so much so that the 6355 motor i have now i got with the plan of doubling up eventually, but recently noticed i can pick up a 6374 can much cheaper than motor,mounts,pulleys, belts… so next I was looking for thoughts on how the breaking and climbing power of a single bigger motor would compare to 2 smaller ones (as part of my motivation for dual was the stopping power)

I live in a very steep hilly area and as I said 16/36 with 190kv and 97mm wheels, 10s actually pulls up hills. Nice balance of torque and speed. I don’t put much faith in the calcs and prefer to try things out and then change what I need to change. I only use them to play with gearing tbh.
As for motors then nothing beats a dual set up for traction and braking. The only reason I would get a 6374 as opposed to a 6355 was if the smaller one was running too hot because power wise they are very similar but 6374 will stay cooler at the same amps. I would wait and get the dual 6355 up and going because you won’t ever look back. hope this helps and good luck

ok cool tyvm for the info, thats exactly what i was looking for. I was under the impression the additional voltage would only equate to more speed,(kv’s) and all that… didnt think it would necessarily, “push” harder so to speak… thanks again… and yeah, guess ill be saving my pennies for that dual upgrade next!!!

Simply put you will get more watts so more power overall but yes voltage does increase your top speed and amps control your torque. Voltage increases by 2s are pretty dramatic performance wise. My 12s is fucking ridiculous. That thing has enough torque to throw me off going up very steep inclines I run it predominately in the slow setting on my remote because it can catch me out very easily. Again good luck and keep us all posted on the upgrade

Don’t forget 13s :wink:

if you have one motor:

if you have 2 motors:

you can make these charts yourself via:

if you want the same performance when changing tire size, set the gear ratio such that you have the same no load wheel speed as you had before.

or suppose you and your board weigh 250lbs, and you are trying to optimize for climbing 10% uphill slopes at maximum speed with 30a battery current limit per motor with 2 motors:

2.46:1 is a good ratio giving 30.27mph maximum uphill speed (31.65mph no load wheel speed).