Looking for a motor, around 150kV, 6374 or similar size, sensored. [UK/EU]

Don’t really mind which one, it’s the only part I need now.

Hobbyking sk8 Unikboards have some good too


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I actually bought an Sk8 149kv and that would be my first choice but they failed to deliver, didn’t email me about it, and it’s now on it’s way back to their Hong Kong warehouse. Want to get this made before I go home for the holidays.

That unikboard motor seems a little expensive too.

But they worth the money. Sealed and great customer service :wink:

You can look for alien power system motors. But they not sealed and have 10mm shaft.

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@Andy87 unikboards has great customer service. Once the post lost my package and he just sent me a new one… :wink: The hobbyking sk8 motors are also great

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