Looking for a motor mount (for the third time). Any suggestions?

As the title states, I am in the market for a singe motor mount to support a sk3 63xx. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for hours looking with no success. Not a fan of DIYs as I’ve had their previous versions and they haven’t held up past 25 miles. Their current version looks the best out of all their attempts but its not going to cut it for me. I’m US based so it would be nice to find a domestic supplier. Time and time again, the weakest component on my board has been the motor mount, not exceptable for poor engineering to continue.

If enertion didn’t discontinue their mount I would have most likly gone with them.

Currently Im rocking a pieced together mount that has endured 400+ miles. I foresee it failing soon:cry:.

Any suggestions?

Hey Jess,

Our new ones work rock solid. I’ll sell you one at half priced.


I’m doing a limited run of motor mounts, months of design work. Maybe you can test one out, how much are you willing to spend? (They aren’t cheap to make at small quantities).

Jlabs do you have more information on the motor mount? What I would be willing to spend really comes down to the design and implementation. With that being said, the marginal benefit to me is significantly reduced as the price exceeds one hundred dollars.

@whatthejess - which part was failing. I have made a version with a stainless arm and aluminum clamp that was for a mountain board with no issues. Let me know if you would like more info or if you have already made up your mind.



I have >200 miles on my Torque mounts. Grab one from him at half price. That’s a steal.


Hey Torqueboards,

Would very much be interested in your motor mounts.

Hey Korryh, is your mount only for the Ollin? I didn’t see anything for a sk3 63xx.

No, it started out that way because it had an odd hole pattern but the majority in the last 8 months have been for SK3 63xx. Scroll down the pages the pictures and drawings are for the SK3 motors

I just shipped 7 orders today and am out, so if you want a stainless arm now would be the time while I am making my next order. I am going to put together my MBS mount and if all goes well I will be making another order this week.

I can do 3/16" or 1/4" stainless arm for about 60 per mount. Let me know if you are interested and Ill get an exact price for you.

The 63xx looks like this - the arm is .25" and the clamp is .5" aluminum

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I’m using one of @korryh’s mounts now on my GF’s re-built board. Nice and sturdy and working great! Setup with regular 63mm motor.

My only gripe is i broke the head off one of the “grub screws” to secure the clamp to the hanger and the 3rd bolt isn’t long enough to engage at all, so it might work loose eventually and i need to get some replacements.

I have mounts in stock, fast shipping to US http://eskating.eu/product-category/mounts/

@sl33py - I bought in bulk of the stainless screws. The top one is larger than the 2 sides because of the aluminum thickness. Send me your address and I will send you a couple screw sets. If you are so inclined you could use a punch to hammer out the screw and tap a larger size. Or better yet I will add an extra clamp on my next order and send it to you - should be making it this week.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

I’m starting a group buy of enertion like clones premium 3k twill 5mm carbon, 7075 aluminum hard anodized black and stainless steel hardware (screws, washers and nylon locknuts). The complete mount will run roughly ~20$ plus shipping and will mount 50mm and 50mm motors.

50mm and 63m motors* :stuck_out_tongue:

@whatthejess Just received the quote for a 3/16" 304 stainless arm, the entire mount with clamp , stainless arm and all hardware will be 65.00. Let me know if you want one and I will put the order in.

Alright that sounds good. What trucks can they be mounted to? I have calibers but I wouldn’t be opposed to upgrading them for the mount.

Yes the mounts are for Caliber trucks. They seemed to be the most popular. I also have an MBS Matrix 2 clamp I am testing. I put the Matrix2 on a short Trampa deck and am using razor go kart wheels for a street carver - if you are looking to change things up.

How did this build go? Do you have a a thread for this, im going ti build my first eskate, and im going to go on mbs or trampa street/AT carvers.

I don’t have a thread yet. I just got back from a 2 week trade show and have a bunch of parts on my desk waiting to be assembled. I am going to catch up a bit at work then start in again. Probably a few days. I did have a chance to put the MBS clamp and arm on and it works well. I’ll pos pics in a bit.

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@whatthejess The metal came in this evening and I finished your mount with the stainless arm and aluminum caliber clamp. My paypal is [email protected] - please leave your address in the comment section.