Looking for a remote, preferably something small. EU

Title says it all pretty much

This is the one I’m looking at now. But I’d rather go with something smaller.

Edit: bought one already

You go with that and you won’t be disappointed. You can also mod it to a different case.


Nice that looks pretty cool. I notice this remote has 2 dials on it, what can I do with those dials do you know? I’m guessing throttle adjustment and something else?

As of now they are trims for steering and throttle. I personally hate them. I have seen people remove them but not sure how. Once the right (throttle) trim is set, usually @ dead ass center, you shouldn’t need to touch it again. One of the reasons I like the avio is it hides those trims and I do t have to worry about hitting them and moving them or breaking them off.


If that mini remote had 2 speed modes and I would bought it in an instant. I only hear good things about this remote :+1:


Yeah that remote imo is the best on the market especially for a reliable signal, If you remove the steering wheel on the side too that will make it smaller aswell, or as others have mentioned you could just 3d print a smaller case.

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