Looking for a single hub motor in Europe

Hi there my fellow Esk8 enthousiasts,

As the title says I am looking for a Single Hub motor here in Europe, I could buy one over in the states but if it is possible i would like to avoid import tax and a large shipping fees so it would be great if someone here in Europe would have a single hub motor and willing to sell it of course, I live in Holland So if someone has some information, maybe there is someone selling them here or knows about a person wanting to sell there motor, I have not bought any other components yet so i would be interested in the other parts as wel. hope the community pulls true once more! Thanks for helping me!

Cheers lads! Regards Moe

I’d recommend the Carvon they have proven to be very reliable and most effective for single drives. Even if it is states side. It’s the only one worth the money for single drive

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yes but he needs to pay a bit more attention to the amp because they tend to draw more amps I think.

Yes, Hub motors will pull more amps and use more battery life beacuse they don’t usually run at 100% speed which is where they become efficient, correct me if I’m wrong. But I must say hub motors are very silent and worth the price if you decide on making the jump compared to a satellite configuration. There are pros and cons to each but end result is the rider preference

would it be possible to limit the ‘100% speed’, so that that would be lower and the motor would be more efficient? or would that be a stupid/impossible idea. I mailed carvon they said that the shipping to here is $68 that is foreseeable, now il find out what the import tax is.

Import tax is about 20-30% of the retail value

I agree! But I would wait for the Carvon 3. Its not a hub motor anymore, it is more durable. Better, stronger etc.

Specs: Direct Drive (Non Hub) Dual V3 Motors with 2000W combined power 90mm Full-urethane and High-rebound wheels 30+ mph Top Speed and up to 15% Hill Climb ability 12s2p LifePO4 Battery Pack chemistry with up to 15 Miles range

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https://www.funkiiboards.com/products/swap-motor-for-model-3-electric-skateboard You could check-in here and see if you would like the motor. They are free-shipment.