Looking for a small ass antispark button

I’m in the midst of building a board with limited space. Most antispark switch buttons that I know of, is usually very long and takes up some space in the enclosure. I’m looking for a button or a whole antispark switch that is low profile like the unity’s switch. I believe it’s a momentary switch. 20181218_214036

I’ve been looking too but just couldn’t really find one… The only LP switch I have is the enertion etray, I just used the whole etray as a antispark in my build


Do you have a pic of it? And does enertion sell them by any chance? Or is it discontinued and hard to come by

Nope it’s not that hard to come by, if someone does a raptor part out you can get one incorporation%20enertion


Looks like if you removed all the shrouding and what not it might be similar to the space cell system they used to use, which probably has more documentation… might be a place to start

Or you could incorporate the whole etray into the build, as the etray uses a 11 pins bms

I believe BKB sells a very similar if not the exact same flip switch for like $4 US

Momentary switch is easy to find https://pl.aliexpress.com/store/product/12MM-Metal-Button-Switch-Flat-Ultra-short-Reset-Electronic-Smoke-Button-Small-Button-Stainless-Steel-Waterproof/4208011_32875882448.html?spm=a2g17.12010615.8148356.3.2d5ea0bb0yhmIZ

I need one for Bestech BMS and I need self latching one which is impossible to find in that small form factor :frowning:

Shameless plug, but my antispark mosfet switch is about as small as they get and they have worked very reliably for me and many others. Attached are some pics, PM me if your interested. Dimensions: 33x22x11

IMG_20180423_002725 IMG_20180423_003528 IMG_20180423_003337


I don’t believe he’s talking about that, he talking about the power buttion I believe, and in that case your is big af

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Damn you basically found enertion switch XD

Almost… I think it doesn’t have any lighting but looks really cool :wink:

It’s 19mm not 12mm :wink: Details man it’s always all about details :wink:

I made my long one shorter by removing the shroud and soldering the wires direct onto the back of the switch - can be seen here.

Oh gotcha didn’t really understand that

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Did that too but it was still too tall for my tb rocket so I had to bend the pins sideways

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Yea seems like a thin momentary switch would be best. But i’ll have to see which button would work with the flipsky antispark. I currently have that and the antispark PCB is the smallest i have.

But their button is so god damn long

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Did you develop the anti spark switch? :smile:

The switch I posted about? Yes I designed and made it, why?

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Could you maybe make it open source? :smile:

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