Looking for a small deck but with long wheelbase which is the best?

What deck has longest wb while still being compact enough?

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deck wise if you want slightly shorter, a misfortune is a shorter narrower fortune 33.5 x 9.25 inches with a 24.75 inch skateboard wheelbase a loaded truncated tesseract is 33 x 9.5 inches with a 26 inch skateboard wheelbase…

neither have a flat base, but both are awesome decks.

hi5ber have a narrow/smaller DH deck the rebel but it is still 35 inches…

I’d go with the trucated tesseract, I’m thinking of adding one to my quiver…


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Rayne Brightside :heart_eyes:

but for length it is 2 inches longer than the Loaded Truncated Tesseract and the wheel base is 3.5 inches shorter?

in the comp. of bolt holes closest to nose & tail the trunc. tess. wins no?

(& 9.25 width is just too narrow for me)


Truncated is only 1 inch shorter than the brightside(34"). But you can drill the front and tail for more wheelbase easily

Either way… There’s options out there… didn’t mean to step on toes @Cobber.

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no toes squashed bro, I just can’t “think” of a deck with truck mounts closer to the nose and tail… please prove me wrong dude? :wink:

and as I said 9.25 is too narrow for my cave man feet so I am biased

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Oxelo fishtail

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You probably already saw this, just thought I would toss it in.

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I’m very happy with my Landyacht Mummyboard . Turns on a dime, no wheel bite, nice grip. 15lbs all in, 10s2p battery, single motor.

The Powell-Peralta Lance Mountain Resissue is short (30.5") but has a huge tail and a long wheelbase and is rather stable at high-speed

Nice! I just received my Powell Peralta Mike McGil reissue! I’m pairing that with the 10s5p from DIYEboard, which should arrive soon. I’ll share the build when I have more of it together. So glad you mentioned the Lance Mountain option, it encouraged me to look into an old/new PP board like I use to ride as a kid back in the 80s. BTW, the McGil has one of the longest wheelbases in the PP reissue line at 16.625". The longest is the Jay Smith at 17.25" (https://www.skateone.com/powell-peralta-jay-smith-model-reissue-white-skateboard-deck-10-x-30-25)

If u have some money and want a high quality build that’s a bit shorter I’d take a look at this boi (https://www.sickboards.nl/en/longboards/10417-bossa-platform-28-rio-deck-only.html#/232-flex-light) I’ve been neglecting to ebordify it because I like kickpushing it so much XD.

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That Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Mike McGill Skull and Snake is the best or one of the best decks in the world for esk8, in my opinion. The Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primitive is pretty close or equal…

The super-wide front, put some traditional kingpin trucks on there and those are stable even up to high speeds – and they’re shortboards with big tails that are super-easy to carry. What else could you ask for? I have those and tailless longboards and those are better by far.

@sk8l8r swears by the Lush Machine deck which I have yet to try but it looks dope…

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The front of that Bossa is dope af, maybe even more than the Mike McGill Skull and Snake, but the lack of a huge tail is a missed opportunity and a deal-breaker. (Yes, I see the short tail that probably doesn’t even really work to pick up a 20+ lb board.)

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Awesome. Yeah, it is super wide, and has a nice concave. It’s deep which might challenge attaching the enclosure, but others have used extra foam, which I’ll try as well. I just installed my Tail Bone tonight and it looks so cool! I ordered an authentic old school nose guard also, and went crazy with a new helmet and some light elbow and knee pads. I can’t wait!

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Yeah I’ll have to agree with you there. Although we should note it’s original intention, which is not to be a short board deck at all, so that may be why has missed the ball there (it’s playing a whole different game). My favorite part would definitely be the flex. That is something ill-found in the shortboard market. All in all maybe not what your looking for but interesting nonetheless

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Check the landyachtz line up. Heres a fiew 30-33" boards with around 22 to 24 wheelbases.



Really diggin this battle axe too…in a diff deck design tho


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Try Coyote at loadedboards

Coyote, LoadedBoards