Looking for a spot welder in EU/Germany

Hey I´m looking for someone with a spotwelder in Germany or Europe who would weld some pouch cells for me or borrow/sell me his machine. The cheapest machines from china are still more expensive then buying a complete battery. Got a huge amount of Lipo Pouch Cells that have been used for max. 20 Power Cycles

@warman has one for sale I think?

go for sleds …

go for sleds …


@bigben I will have a look at that one…

Sorry sold just last night,will update the thread.

How does spot welding with pouches work? Afaik you can only solder them

Spot Weld the tabs and metal pieces together - like 18650 cells

I don’t think that will work. The tabs are flexible and to spot weld you need rigid metal surfaces.

How about a diy one, since we are all gettin used to it :wink: :

I have a spot welder and could make you a pack. I can also solder on a BMS, switch, battery display, charging port, 12v or 5v output etc. I will also receive some ABS enclosures in a couple of weeks

That one isn’t available at that link anymore, does anyone know if he is going to sell another version or if it is available somewhere else?

You’re right. Just found the place where you can buy this: