Looking for a very specific BMS

Alright, ive looked though the lists of 10s*** BMSs that Bestech has and idk if there are more brands, or better ones to choose from so I figured I would ask here.

Im looking for a BMS that can safely handle 100a constant, has bluetooth for monitoring cell life, and also has a built in eswitch(or the capability for it)

budget is unlimited bc Id like the peace of mind

Maybe this tiny bms? Don’t know if the switch is integrated. Good communication so far and quoted €220.- incl. shipping to EU.

Haven’t yet but going to buy this.


Pls tell me about the switch when you know


looks cool i guess seems too small to do… anything related to my problem

I’m not 100% sure about the discharge rate but what about a DieBieMS? :smiley:

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forgot about those. I remember when i couldnt get the group buy off my screen :thinking:

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Maybe there’s someone who could sell you one :wink:

Maybe @Samau18 can help you out :smile:

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does it come in 10s?

sorry :smiley:

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heres the 10s


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Let us know how this works out!

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well, Ill be honeest. lol.

Im looking for one so @ hyperIon1 can build me an emtb pack o3o

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I have the 60a version of it. No problem so far


It looks like the hubs you got Kickstarted your emtb build eheheh

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of course they did :slight_smile:

I had the itch awhile ago, got it almost as soon as I stepped on my buddies board a little while back :slight_smile:

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