Looking for a VESC (Dual pref.) and BMS (UK/EU)

As title basically. Need a VESC for a dual motor setup I’m trying to piece together :slight_smile: also need a BMS… probably a 10s but would entertain an 8s if available.

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Changed the title to add BMS, as well as changing from Flipsky Dual to any (decent) VESC. Such a shame Unity seems to be impossible to buy.

I have 2 vesc 6.6s from flipsk6 for sale, both are new. 160 each and im located in usa

I got 2× flipsky vesc 4.12 unused €80 plus UK shipping

80 euro total? (plus shipping)

10s Bestech HCX-D223V1 BMS

Ive got one of these but its at my friends house, can sell it for £50. I don’t know what its worth now but thats what i paid, its new. Bought from a forum user last year

I have one of these (HCX-D596) potentially being bought from Ben, which I think might work better for me because I can easily wire up my power switch to it without worrying about antisparks (at least that’s my understanding). But thanks for the offer! I’ll let you know if it falls through.

Unfortunately I’ve been told that the 4.12 isn’t a great buy for my setup, and that I’d be better off with a (new resistor revision) of a dual 4.20 or a dual 6.6. The 4.12’s would be a lot cheaper, but I need something that will be reliable.

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Yeah bud 80 plus whatever the shipping costs. Never got around to finishing the build so they are just sitting around taking up space unfortunately…