Looking for a VESC Seller - Europe (GER)

Hello, i am form Germany and i want to buy a VESC. But the only Option to buy here, is a Seller who wants about 170€.

Maybe someone of u know where i can get one a bit cheaper? I would be also interested in a diy set. Or if someone of you build it.

I am working in an Electric Company with a lot of soldering irons and SMD Equipment. But a complete build is maybe to hard for me. Because I have no skills in Arduino/Linux/etc.

Thanks a lot.

You can buy them from Enertion for about 90 Eur, they have an EU Warehouse and it seems you may get them tax free (not sure about this)

But be carefull, I destroyed all my Enertion-VESC and had to order new ones, maybe you want to buy them with warranty for 150 Eur.

Thanks, I only found that… http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-standard/ I can’t find the 90€ one… But it’s a bit cheaper what I find first. :slight_smile:

You can buy them from www.esk8.de. I have one of them which is working fine. Made in Germany.

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Jeah but that was the source I said who what’s 170€. And I am looking for a cheaper one. But maybe I must buy there…

http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/vesc-standard/ shows 88,28 Eur for me

and you can buy VESC from China for about 100 Eur

Faraday Motion (based out of Berlin) http://shop.faradaymotion.com/shop/18-electronics/4-motor-controller-vesc/

I ordered one from these guys 2+ weeks ago, but they had a fault with the latest run so I had to wait :sweat:

Yes Jakeii we do have a fault. We are actively working on solving the problem. Thanks for your patience. As soon as we get them and test them we will resume normal shipping. Usually we try to ship on the day of the order.

Alien Power System have vescs for sale for 89 gbp. Out of stock atm though http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/esc/ev-esc/vesc/

I’m sure that APS sells the Maytech VESC, because of the same capacitor board.

Yes, they have both Maytech and Flier vescs. I don’t know how well they hold up really. I’ve seen some threads about them, at least the Maytech, but I haven’t really looked in to it too much.

130$ ~115€ for me…

@ccostel Are you the (i dont know how to say :D) manager of the website? I am interested in your VESC… Do you speak German?

this is australien dollars, you can switch currency in the menu to Eur or USD

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We’re in pre-orders right now, but you can get one from us @ goaxle.com. Since we’re based in the US. shipping would be around 32.95 USD. Good luck m8!

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@Weberp7593 I am. Me and @aikokami are part of the Faraday Motion team and we don’t intend to hide it ;). But we can definitely hook you up with a motor controller. It’s just that we are waiting for our batch to come in the next two weeks (probably next week). We are based in Berlin now so if you want you can come by and visit :wink:

p.s. We have a guy speaking German in our team.


Too bad, I life in Stuttgart :wink: But nice to know u are “around”. So you will be the first option for me.

Sounds good, the time is not the problem, I need it maybe in 5 weeks or so. Maybe later.

So I will save your store and will check ur online shop then.

And first I need to check if I am able to do the setup of the Vesc, it sounds difficult :0…



esk8.de VESCs may be expensive but the support and quality they offer is top class. I think you should go for them, they are to me our European Chaka.


Can confirm esk8.de is the Chaka vesc of europe. Worth the money

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my advice in this scene

“Who buys cheap, buys twice”

btw, i am from Aalen!