Looking for adjustable end point BMS - 12s or 13s capable

Does anyone know of any adjustable BMS that you can buy right now and are not crazy expensive.

I am only looking for adjustable voltage endpoints, I don’t need any other extra features.

My research has only turned up 3 options.

  1. DieBie BMS, very nice but expensive because many features. Low availability. 12s max.
  2. FlexiBMS, closer to what I want, but still under development, 12s max.
  3. Fancy Chinese ebike BMS. Available now :grinning: Up to any cell count you could want. Reasonable price. But is the hardware and software reliable?

I would like to build a 13s 18650 pack and only charge to 3.9v - 4.0v for long cell life. You could do this on 12s with a hobby ballance charger but for 13s there is no easy way with hobby chargers. You could use two 8s chargers but its not as convenient as a BMS.

This 10 to 15s ebike BMS could work but I don’t know how trustworthy they are. Anyone try these before?

I’ve just started using this one and it works quite well. You can adjust just about any of the parameters and all from your iphone or android.

There is iOS app? Cool. I assumed only android.

Ya, I thought the same thing till I looked in the app store. XiaoxiangBMS is the name of the app

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You can contact bestech and ask them to make a custom one for you or even any of the bms vendors on aliexpress.

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https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bIDlWKfJ This brand is very good. I can’t vouch for the android app though. You can set to stop charge and balance at 4v with this.

Same brand as the one I linked just the 13s version

Yeah that’s one way but I would like the ability to adjust it in the future. Or change it if I end up putting it in a different build or vehicle type. Or turn up the max voltage if I want to race or higher spec ESC’s come out. Or need max range for a weekend group ride. So many reasons to want adjustable end points, hence the topic.

I see. Well for that flexibility there is a price to pay which is why DieBieMs can ask it. I think this is exactly why it was created.

Goof luck finding another and be sure to let us in on it.

DieBie BMS is very nice it has a lot of advanced features and quality components. I’m a big fan. But the only feature I want is adjustable end points. And I want to do 13s which it does not do. So I guess Chinese “smart” BMS is the only option at the moment.

Use a BMS for LiFePO4 on li-ion maybe? Just an idea.

disclaimer: not responsible for fires or injuries

What no 10s 4 life comment? Wow the world changes so fast!

What are the voltage limits on Life BMS’s?

After looking at the “smart” chinese BMS’s they don’t cost much more than the regular chinese BMS’s so that’s not really a factor. I just worry about the stability of the software.

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I’d trust my battery and home to open-source software or 100% hardware with no software. Especially the closed-source software from China I wouldn’t touch with your stick. Who knows what’s in the government-inserted spyware and if it will crash important protection routines.