Looking for advice on battery configuration

Lol it be like that :rofl:

Other than that, im not sure if Turnigy has them now a days.



I’ve been soldering since 1989, chap. Were you even born yet?

(which is still wrong, of course)

You’re not offending me, you are making yourself look like a complete tool that doesn’t know science at all. Or maybe a primary school pupil. But beyond you, it’s all the other folks that may read this, now or in the future, that should at least know that some of us here actually know what we’re talking about, and maybe it might help someone, which is the goal.

In order to engineer machines, we should understand science, and this is what I was assisting with: the prerequisites. It’s like learning to use our hands helps greatly before we can learn to eat a sandwich.

If it doesn’t help you, it’s not causing me to lose sleep. You obviously seem to have aggression issues. Which is totally okay. :heart: Some of us do. We can learn to deal with it. Have a hug.

Then we can get back to battery configurations.

Not entirely true. If one cannot understand what one meant, you’re better off correcting the terminology with giving a suggestion after you have given a helpful answer. What was asked was for a lead to a battery. Not, “am I saying the right term”. It’s like correcting 12grand and 12k… nothing wrong with mAh since all you’ve said was entirely correct.

What was given was not helpful. It was more like being a correction officer. And they are annoying than they are helpful.

Talking about battery configuration and all these things, before talking about helmets, decks, and enclosures, is a recipe to have a really difficult time finishing your build.