Looking for advice on motor/app config

I just completed this build here - 12s4p - dual focbox - dual 6374 190kv

It connects to the Ackmaniac ESC Tool via a Metr Pro module. I have configured it in FOC Sensored mode, and the motors are spinning perfectly. Does anyone have any recommended changes I should make to the motor and app configs below before I let this thing move me around the streets? Thanks to anybody that wants to help!

I realize this is a lot of screenshots to dump here. Please let me know if there is a simpler or cleaner way to do this!

Motor / Additional Info Motor%20Additional%20Info%20General

Motor / BLDC section Motor%20BLDC%20General Motor%20BLDC%20Sensorless Motor%20BLDC%20Sensors Motor%20Sensors%20Advanced

Motor / DC section Motor%20DC

Motor / FOC section Motor%20FOC%20Encoder Motor%20FOC%20Advanced Motor%20FOC%20General Motor%20FOC%20Hall%20Sensors Motor%20FOC%20Sensorless

Motor / General section Motor%20general%20general Motor%20General%20Advanced Motor%20General%20RPM Motor%20General%20Current Motor%20General%20Temperature motor%20general%20voltage

Motor / PID section Motor%20PID

Here are screenshots under the “App” section App%20General App%20PPM%20General

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Does anybody see any obvious changes that should be made? I think it’s all probably OK, but it would be cool is someone with more experience had a look at it too.

looks good so far. you set the max erpm to 60000 the bat cut off is right the motor and battery max min values seam ok too ( just don´t break down a 3km hill with -20a batt min :wink: ) if motor detection was running well and your remote adjusted properly (inclusive fail save) than give it a go.

Thank you for looking over the settings. If I decide to head west toward the beach, I’ll have to go down a hill for about a mile. The elevation is a couple hundred feet. For those situations, should I change the battery to -10a?

So far everything is running great. Thanks again for looking it over.

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