Looking for an ad I saw yesterday can't locate

Hey guys I was online here and on Facebook market place searching for an AWD Pro and ran across a guy selling all kinds of parts. Seemed like he bought somebody’s shop merchandise maybe. But he had an incomplete Meepo AWD Pro for $200. Thing is I can’t find that ad now and I’ve been looking over 2 hours last night on both sites. I doubt it’s been deleted and searching thru my internet history would probably take another few hours with a lot of close but not it finds. Has anyone seen an ad like this? Does it sound familiar?

Wow! Thank you very much! I messaged him thru the post but don’t see a way to send him a pm. Am I missing something?

Press on their icon and you should see “message”. If not. Its probably not accessible.

Hey Leon, I’m new here and you seem to have a lot of knowledge and I’m near NYC and wondering if you’d be willing to help. I’m trying to get a Tenka to work in a mostly Evolve GTX, but it’s my first Re-build, and it’s not working.

Oh, welcome to the community.

Thanks man.

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