Looking for an enclosure that would fit a 10s6p Canada/US

If you have an enclosure in mind for my 10s6p then dope! I am also looking for a board recommendation to go with it. Thanks guys! I am located in Canada!

@psychotiller has a few Get a @Hummie deck

Hmmm I just can’t seem to find a good board that would be adequate for the enclosure, I am running 95mm hubs right now so I have room to get something unique along with it. Wait Hummie is still selling his decks? and they fit 10s6p??


His decks should be shipping very soon

Where do I sign up? lol And is it just the deck with no enclosure? or is this all built in. I haven’t been following at all, thanks for helping as well my dude.

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No enclosure included but a few of @psychotiller enclosures fit great. 9e0ac875acde2fd696fdeaf4bee9ae49b26bf637_1_618x500 abb83b69a1385b2b296d4e1ab180c47ccf264962_1_666x500

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Do you have the battery already made? I make enclosures for the hummie deck but like the psychotiller one they fit a 10s5p with dual focbox. The battery should be flexible too as the deck is curved and the deck flexes a little. I will have a dual stack enclosure in the works for these so potentially you could fit a much larger battery in than you were thinking. There ways to go about it is to mount the escs topside and use the underside solely for batteries.

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That’s what I’m doing. Flatpack 12s5, focbox topside.

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I have a battery made with it being harnessed together for my charge only BMS. The batteries are 1s6p connected in series but shrinked and already made together. So I am stuck with a 10s6p and I want to be stuck with it, it’s so much power.

Pics? Dimensions of the battery might help determine what will work for you.

each of my batteries are 118x66x18mm, I need at least like 2-3mm of clearance to put my harness in (as all my packs are connected together via xt60s.

I know psycho said he thought his fishbone would fit the hummie deck well.


It’s slightly taller then his flat pack enclosure designed for the hummie deck. (The one in pics I posted earlier)

@psychotiller also mentioned the altar burst to go well with the @hummie deck. Thats what I’m having Him mount actually. He’s gonna widen the hole abit more to fit the nese modules I’m planning to put so i could go up to 10s8p easy(supposedly)

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Also what is the shipping time or options for the hummy deck @Skunk? I know you are going to receive one, was wondering about how it’s being shipped.

I made my enclosure with an Ikea drawer. Will change it later on but i kind of like it.think i paid about 6dollar max. :slight_smile: 20180816_101008

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