Looking for an Ideal Wheel Size, Durometer and Terrain Factor

Hi Builders. I am currently looking for an option to upgrade my wheels to replace the Enertion 83mm wheels (enertion pulleys ofc) since they are slightly worn out. The wheels are woobly and smooth making it easy to slip on wet surface.

I am looking forward for Orang Atang Kegel but @onloop said it doesn’t fit with the enertion wheel pulley. I am opting for a large wheel that easily fit my pulley, doesn’t get so slippery on wet surface that are nice to ride on pavement. Also the color of preferences are either black or red since I build my deck around that colors.

At the moment I am looking at Trampaboard longboard wheels selection as they have the 83mm Black 76A and 83mm Red 83A wheels. Hard to choose and I don’t even know if it would fit the enertion wheel pulleys.

As I am new to longboarding, I only have two wheels at home with 80A and 83A, hence I never ride on 76A if it’s considered as way too soft.

So Ideal Wheels For me in Short:

  1. Black / Red Colors
  2. Above 80mm
  3. Fit Enertion Wheels Pulley
  4. Grippy on wet surface (Netherlands rains alot)
  5. Not getting wobbley easily
  6. Not wearing out easily
  7. Ride nicely on pavement

Waiting for your responses and cool options!

I’ve got a set of AlienDriveSystem’s pneumatic wheels with tyres, spare inners and 60t pulleys I’ve never used and never am planning to use. Perhaps you’re interested ?

Is it a complete set? But I don’t think it would fit into my build as pneumatic wheels are quite large in diameter. Currently it’s quite hard to fit 100mm++ wheels under my deck without extending the trucks.

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Complete set. Brand new. Zero road time.

How about Abec 11 83mm flywheels?

Flywheel clones. They’re basically all i use anymore. These come bundled with my favorite bearings.


You can also select them in red.

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To be honest I don’t like Abec Flywheels especially in green. I have to say it looks like shit! This might sound stupid, but I never purchase stuff from Amazon and eBay :smiley: However it suck that it’s from US Amazon and the shipping is quite expensive :frowning: not inc tax.

@trbt555 I trust your product, but if it doesn’t fit under my low longboard, it’s also a waste :frowning:

Yeah, I agree with you on the looks of Abec 11 flywheels :grin: My first build had 76mm Flywheels and second one will have the Carvon V2 black/orange combo.

If you are looking for abec clones from Europe, maybe you should contact @elkick, I can see that he has black/red flywheel clones at his shop. http://www.hellray.de/shop/#!/eSkateboard-Komplett-Kit-SINGLE-vormontiert-und-fahrbereit-inkl-Achsen-Motor-Halterung-etc/p/59162343/category=15255001

Yeah, there are some lying around here. :slight_smile:

Just realized, need to activate them in the shop system though.

@elkick Okay it’s noted :smiley: But do you have them in black as well?

But in general hows the difference between flywheels vs orang atang vs flywheels clones? They have difference in pricing, so I suppose theres differences in performance and robustness.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Any idea where i can get 90mm abec 11 flywheels in black ? Or red?

And what about quality?

You live in Belgium too i thought? If you would find some clones for cheap, let me know we could split shipping

I think black is available in the 97mm Abec clones.

Never seen 90’s in black.

What about these: http://shop.mbs.com/accessories-486/new-parts/mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels.html

They should work with the enertion wheel pulley. I think @Kaly is running these on a loaded deck.

You can pickup Some black evolve GT wheels from the german evolve website. These do have orange insert.

I’d rather have full black wheels. So if you found them,tell me where? :slight_smile:

Hey @trbt555 are those wheels still going? Have they been machine to fit trucks?

got any in stock again ? ps, would it be possible to get some other colours ?

Need to check with distribution when they’ll deliver those wheels. Will get back about it.

Edit: sorry, only big foots are available through the distributor at the moment.