Looking for an m12x.75 rivet nut

I’ve googled up and down for an m12x.75 and all that comes up are m12.1.75 rivet nuts. I’m looking to epoxy it into my deck and then screw my power switch into it.

You won’t find 0.75 pitch. 1.25 is the lowest on m12

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Thanks. So if your looking to mount the focbox unity power switch specifically on top of the board, you’re going to need to 3d print an insert that is m12x.75x7mm.

Being that the insert if mounted above the trucks I think the 3d print quality should be fine.

If you have a good printer with small enough nozzle and a slicer that can slice in 20-60úm go for it! It’s not easy to print small thread pitch ime… Do you really need the thread? A 12mm hole and some hotglue or wathever and your good to go.