Looking for ANY 6374 motor or LARGER ~(190ishKV) . ~100AUD located Melbourne Australia

if anyone has a spare maytech, SK3, SK8, torque boards, APS, or anything else around 190kv. Please let me know. Preferably new but not fussed.

i have a torqueboards 6374. i think it’s got a screwed bearing and it doesn’t work on foc. yours for $40 and whatever shipping is from Sydney 2156

is it fixable ?

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yeah lol. just gotta open it up and find the right bearing. when i put it on a mount and had the force of belt on it, it wouldn’t turn. without the belt force it’d spin

can u send some pics

yep will do tonight g fam

20190329_170155 20190329_170147 20190329_170141

how much would the shipping be?

probably around $10

I’ll take the motor for $5 shipped to my house.

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I’ll one up you 4$

hey @anon42702729 how about no xx