Looking for any VESC 4.12 in EU

Hey guys,

looking for any VESC 4.12 in EU preferably Germany. That includes Maytech VESCs and used ones.

for new ones, can´t go wrong with @esk8

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If I’m going with @esk8 I’d rather wait until he releases his new ESK8 Controller :slight_smile:

Any VESC will do for the moment…


Hello i have a vesc for sale it has only been used once version 4.12 . I am selling for 80 euro + shipping . if anyone is interestead please let me know.

I am in Spain

Hi @Dwain, I’m interested. How much is shipping to the UK please?

Not sure, should be about 10-15 euro. I can send monday if u want.

Do you have a photo of the VESC please? I’m still interested at that price. How long will shipping take? estimate.

I know Imade this thread because I was looking for a VESC. Mine has undergone repair by lp-electronics due to DRV Error. I’ve gotten a FOCBOX in the meantime and have an VESC for sale 4.12 from AXLE. Located in Germany :slight_smile: hit me up if you need one.

How much? Is it fully working?

Yes it’s fully working. I was still using it for about a week before getting the Vesc-X / FOCBOX. As with all 4.12 Vescs I wouldn’t recommend FOC. But it runs just fine in BLDC.Also have the invoice from the repair which cost me ~40€. I don’t want to cut in between you and Dwain. So pm me if that deal doesn’t go through. :slight_smile:

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I am also interested in the VESC.

Hey, does someone still have the 4.12 available?