Looking for bambou 12s board

Hi, I am looking for steroid version of new bambou GTR evolve. My weight is near 220, and want to get 30-35 km/h cruise speed and a top speed to 45-50 km/h. Range will be from 30 km to 45 km - cruise speed to Sunday’s slow trips.

Of course DIY as well as Prebuild e-sk8 are into the race, except vendors that require 3 months to deliver low-end quality hardware…

GTR parts integration or Bioboards performances are criteria to follow, as well as the plane compatibility battery options. Easy maintenance and customizations wheels, trucks, bushings, footstool, lights, motors and transmission

You want it to be bamboo so that the deck is flexy, correct? Also, are you looking for a build with pneumatic tires, or urethane wheels? Or both, with the goal of them being easy to swap?

Hi @Rusins, Yes for flex but as my weight is nearer to ceiling rather than floor values I have also to set my choice on a desk that is strong enough. to complete my selection matrix, wood settings are driven also by maintenance and evolution capabilities that are better than carbone moldered models, but options and mind are still opened.

Wheels have to be swappable between urethane and inflatable as I will switch from urban (Monday to Friday) to grass/all terrain into parks (during weekends) usages.

This would be an easy solution to get a good quality drive train for both street and all terrain. Of course you could also get Evolve trucks and a custom motor mount.

As for the deck – the Arbor Axis is a deck that works well with AT wheels and has medium flex. Riako uses it:

If you haven’t already found a deck I would recommend the Sector 9 Bintang, it is pretty much a clone of the evolve decks https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/72948/2018-sector-9-timber-bintang-longboard-skateboard-deck-w-grip