Looking for battery builder. [EU]

Looking for someone that has a decent spot welder and the tools and things needed to make me a pack or at least just do the spot welds and help me do the rest myself. (Also if the person has a BMS for it, it would be nice)

I’m looking to do either 12S3P or 12S4P Samsung 30Q that would fit a Eboosted Enclosure.

Looking to use one of these: https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/trampa-carver-enclosure-for-20700-cells/ https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/trampa-carver/

Looking for a cheap solution that would fit, so if anyone is up and can give me a price it would be amazing.

Im in Denmark, Europe if it makes any difference in terms of shipping.

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Thnx for the tag @Grozniy

At this moment I have much packs to build. If you have some time, I can build one…

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I may be able to help make you a battery for the trampa carver. I have just finished my own battery build for it Btw i am also from denmark :slight_smile: I can upload some pictures tomorrow if you like


Would be great :smiley:

Heres the images of my battery

IMG_20181116_103923 IMG_20181116_103919 IMG_20181116_103939 Uploading…