Looking for Bergmeister replacement inner tubes in USA

Hello Guys, I’m looking for these tubes in USA ASAP.

Anyone with stock?, I need at least 6

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Innova 5x1S, the tire is 147mm diameter or 5.75"

Change from general discussion to wanted items thread

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Timo does anyone stock these other than you?

Timo is on a spiritual trip right now disconnected from the world :pray:

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trampa tubes too big?

also check evolve. their new 6 inch tire should have similar size tubes

If you’re in a rush to get up and running until Timo gets back you can buy any 6x2 cheap tube inside the US and stuff them in. They’ll be 10% more wobbly but it’ll hardly be noticable and its only a stop gap

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Great idea thanks! I do have Trampa tubes they might work!

I’m looking for some of these tubes also. If anyone know where I can get some in the USA that would be awesome.

I have 8 brand new Berg tubes with tires, that I’ll trade for enclosures :slight_smile: lmk my friend

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