Looking for best 4 to 5.5mm adapters ( vesc to motor without soldering)

Seems like these are the best out there to reduce resistance and cable management, but the price is crazy high if that’s for one connector…Waiting to hear from the seller. Anyone have other/better options? Lost one that I got from @torqueboards . The ones he has works fine, but if I could find a short connector like this one that would be great!

You can make em quite easily. Probably solder them directly to each other without wire. Are you in the us? I can make you some if I have 4mm connectors on hand.

I am in the U.S. I ended up ordering a few of those to try them out but would be interested to see what you mean. Let me know if you have some on hand! Thanks.

Buy a soldering Iron and spend a day learning how to use it. you will never need adapters again and will be a better person for it.


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