Looking for Bestech BMS 12S or 10S, Also 60 Samsung 30Q's

As stated above I am looking for a Bestech BMS, (I don’t want to have to buy 2 and use one) Specs I’m looking for: 60-80A cont discharge E-switch (if possible this isn’t required)

The BMS I was looking at is this one anything similar, or tbh any might work.

Looking for 60 Samsung 30Q’s for either a 12S5P config or 10S6P config Not interested unless it’s around / less then the pricing on Lion-Wholesale (honestly I’m probably gunna buy it from there cuz its kinda risky to buy them second hand)

Edit: I’m located in BC Canada

U can check https://ru.nkon.nl

Shipping options might be a hassle but sometime ago price was quite good there. Consult with @PXSS how to order the cells, if he is willing to consult, as i remember he had to choose a specific shipping courier, for some reason

I would not buy second hand batteries either. About buying 2 bms: It’s not a bad idea to have a spare in case something goes wrong with the first one. Or, it’s not difficult to sell them on the fourm. I have just about given up on trying to keep spares because people keep asking me to sell them and it’s hard to say no. To date, I think I have sold 4-6 spares

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I wish @Namasaki would have another spare 10S to sell… :slight_smile:

Sorry, sold my last spare some time ago. Wish I had kept it now.

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