Looking for brick chargers with adjustable cutoff voltage

Hope you guys have some suggestions, I’m not sure I could find those in USA though

Didn’t you get your power supply?

Yes, I did.

Extremely happy with it, however I sold my Never Suymmer Reaper yesterday before I was able to make all the tests I wanted to.

I’m building 3 more boards for friends and I’m looking for a good charger for their builds.


do you have a link for the power supply? Is this one where you can adjust final voltage down from 42 volts?

This is the one I got, this is a 3A version, you can also find the 6A version. But only if you need high speed charging, which I don’t think I really need


Ah ok - I thought you found a brick charger. Wife won’t let that in the living room. She barely tolerates the boards in the corner

Still looking for a charger, any suggestions?

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Yeah I’d have to agree with @scepterr here, your best, cheapest and fastest charging solution is going to be a DPS module with a PSU attached. I’d recommend the DPS5015 and maybe a 48V 10A PSU.

The most compact ,high power combo I could come up with is the 5005 with a 48v3a supply, allowing anything up to 10S @ up to 3A charging, a fan is also a must if you have a lid. The 5015 has an additional board which would fit in that box alone not including power supply :neutral_face:

DROK Numerical Control Step Down Voltage Regulator Stabilizer, DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Constant Voltage Current Buck Power Converter Voltage Transformer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FNVESV2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ltqjAbEKX0FSB

DROK Adjustable DC Power Voltage Converter AC 110V-220V to DC 0-48V Module Switching Power Supply Digital Display 480W Voltage Regulator Transformer Built in Cooling Fan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0716XVR7P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_OtqjAbBA97N6K

Would these 2 work?

Yes but considering that’s a 10A supply, might as well go with the 15A module


I have 2.46 left in my bank account after those purchases lol, but amazon returns are always a thing

This is the 48v3a I’m using, with the 5a module you’re looking at like $45


i use a genuine 203watt xbox power brick, cheap powerful and safe. active cooling built in.

combined with a charsoon antimatter.

Next step up would be a branded atx power supply. ive had too many cheap psus blow