Looking for broken/defective 10s BMS (batterysupports)


I’m looking for a broken, non- functional or a non-needed 10s BMS preferably from batterysupports.com which I can get for cheap.


Where are you located? I have a couple from Bestech. One is with 80a discharge, the other with 60a. Both are with e-switch. They are both fried somewhere. Haven’t bothered to try to fix them…

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I have a few actually. 10s and 12s

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Sent both of you a pm, thanks!

Do you know why they failed? How long did they last?

no interest in 12S? I have some of those.

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12s…10s… doesn’t really matter, check your pm, thanks!

I have a broken 12s if you’d like still. I’m in the US

@dg798 I’m supplied, thanks anyway.

Sure 10 charc