Looking for carvon v2s

Hey guys, Im looking for some carvon v2s for my first build. I am mainly looking for a single, but If the price is right I will buy a dual. New or used let me know what you got! Thank you, Rourke

I can’t wait to mount them up on my sexy loaded truncated tesseract!

You know the carvon site right? :smiley:

Yes, I was just looking to see if there were any good deals floating around before I pay retail price, and wait for them to ship.

The good deals on hubs right now are from @hummie and @jacobbloy.

Granted, Carvon has been around longer and has established a record of reliability with his hubs. But Hummie and Jacob’s motors have a whole lot more torque at the low end, whereas carvons struggle at low speeds. They are gonna be a lot more fun as long as they don’t blow up on you. If you’re on a real tight budget you can start with cheaper 6s or 8s batteries and hobby esc’s. Lower voltage won’t work with a single carvon hub, you’ll be too underpowered.

Bottom line, they are gonna give a lot more bang for the buck if you can accept the risk associated with beta products.

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I went with a set of new single motor Carvon. Mainly to save weight. I went with a new one partially to support the cause and also to get the latest version.

Carvon, Hummie, and Jacobbloy are all pretty much just guys building these things in their garage. So unlike a big company where there’s a ton of testing and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested before a product gets released, these are constantly being improved upon and we are in many ways testing these products out for them. There is of course pluses and minuses to this. On one hand, these products all have some room for improvement, but on the other, you get to be a part of that process. So your feedback really matters and you have impassioned people working with you every step of the way.

You’ll save some money if you go with a used earlier version, but if you have the cash, it might be worth it to go with the latest and get the tech support from the guys who are building these things.

I’ve been riding on single and dual Carvon’s since December in some of the harshest weather conditions imagineable and they are still going strong. I mean you name it and I’ve rode through it.

You’re reviews and vids of the Carvon hubs are one of the main reasons I decided on Carvon’s. Plus I like the idea of having my weight distributed across the wheel’s hub and the motor. My thinking isn’t based on any data, but I figure that they may be able to take more of a beating because of this. Riding in the city isn’t exactly smooth and glassy.

Hummie’s hubz (and I’ve been riding a single which is not recommended by any means) are actually complete beasts-

If you can get over the fact that you must glue them to the truck hanger, then I’d say they might be one of the best options right now. The rubber can also be easily changed, and @hummie sells replacements for 10 or 20 dollars; multiple colors too.

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I think I want to keep it to carvons for reliability, I don’t want to have to buy parts for my esk8 while in college. And I also like that you can run the abec flywheeIs on the carvon. I was planning on running 2 zippy 8000mAh 6S1P 30C in series. If I don’t run a vesc, what would you recommend as 12s esc that would be good?

What kind of range are you getting with the dual?

Gotcha. Well I don’t want to pass myself off as an expert. I’m in a similar boat, going with hubs for my first build, only I’m an old man with a bigger budget for toys.

My understanding is that there aren’t many cheap, reliable esc’s when you get to 12S. Carvon sells his for $150, torque boards () has one for $145 I think and there’s a flyer esc around that same price. Haven’t tested any but I know people on here like the torqueboards one. Most recommend using vesc at 12s.

The 6s esc’s are much cheaper, which is why I suggested dual 6s Hummie or Jacob setup that’ll give more power but a lower top speed. That said, you can’t really go wrong either way IMO.