Looking for charge only BMS 12s lipo 30-35 bucks (closed)

this BMS says you can get it in lifepo4 or li-ion. I have lipo batteries, can I use the li-ion one? http://www.topbikekit.com/liionlifep04-smart-bms-20a60a-1015s-with-bluetooth-android-app-p-376.html?zenid=k6k28eus0pb86mmb299mld1r07

A bit too high over voltage for lipo. Lipo is safe under 4.2v each cell (Better to stay at around 4.1 for saftey and longevity), but over is dangerous (Fire hazard). You could try a supower bms

alright thanks

Are you looking for charge only or discharge as well?

just charge

I would head for the 30a bms, but 60a isn’t too much more expensive and gives you a good benefit

i am currently in search for a cheap BMS with low discharge as I will be only using it for charging but I cant seem to find one

The supower bms is about the same price as the bms you posted.

how much is it

40 + 3.50 shipping to USA so $43 as compared to your bms @ 31 + 12 Shipping $43

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It is ok to charge Lipos to 4.2v per cell. Matter of fact, if you charge with a bms, you will need to charge to 4.2 in order for the bms to balance the cells. The thing that you have to watch is that you don’t over discharge Lipos. Doing that will damage them quickly. Cheap bms’s are a gamble. Ok to use a low discharge bms but get a good one like Supower or Bestech.


the one I linked was just as a referance. I would like to buy one that’s 30-35 bucks

Try making a post in the items wanted category Looking for Bestech or Battery Supports(Supower) charge only bms. There might be someone with an extra to sell.

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alright changed topic and category.

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Got one from @thisguyhere!