Just list what you have and price, please. Im on a budget and gonna scrap a “community” board together. Thanks! May it be used, or new, please give me a low price. Thanks!

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I’ve got 2 brand new never used 5065 270kv motors that came with my DIYEboard kit…I’m replacing them with 140kv ebay specials

damn, thanks for the offer. I forgot to put that i am not looking for motors, unless theyre cheap

Didn’t you get a pulse eco like just now, over it that quickly?


I’ve got some 15mm HTD belts for sale.

Here’s what I’ve got:

2x New 53T (265mm) 1x New 57T (285mm) 2x Used 53T (265mm)

The used belts probably have around 350 miles on them. They were used on a 1600w dual drive setup (800w per motor), so they saw relatively low stress in operation. They have no major cracks or tears, and no pebbles or sand pressed into them.

Asking prices:

New Belt - $8 ea. Used Belt - $5 ea.

Add $2 for shipping in US

nah. I got 2200w landwheels hubs, from secret santa, and i want to make a second build.

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anyone? batteries, decks, VESCs/ESCs, enclosures…

I’m making a batch of 12s4p batteries 400$ each with bms,flier power switch inline 80A fuse and Level indicator. I might go a little lower if you promise to review it and give feedback here.

Made of Lg he2 Cells: Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.6V Discharge: 20A Max Continuous

The switch is

anti spark High amp electric ignition switches 1.max max: 120A 2.max volt: 14S 3.size: 80 x 25 x 10mm 4.Switch: ON/OFF 5.weight: 60g All cells connected with 8mmx1.5mm NIckel strips stacked 4 high.

Comes with 2 A charger and optional Abs enclosure for dual rear, dual diagonal or single Vesc.

could you possibly do 10s?

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Yes of course.

It might have been easier if you post a list of what you need and then people could respond with what they have to match your list. I have some extra parts and could probably help you out.


Looking to buy battery, VESCs/ FOCBOXes. Battery(hopefully with antispark and everything), enclosure, and any extra stuff you have. Thanks!

Got a brand new Sk3 213 kv

check the third post

What post?

I replied to Jammeslu to check the the post where you said you are not looking for motors.

well i would buy motors if theyre dirt cheap

You should edit your post then. Second post you made in this thread.

Okay thanks

I’ve pair of paris style trucks(clones) + 80mm abec 11 clones. 50km used. 50€ I also have a good quality vesc from esk8.de for about 120€. Bought for 150€. It runs perfectly. FOC is not in a warranty but in my experiances runs fine.