Looking for CNC, STL or any kind of files for Torqueboards motor mount

Ive got a turnigy SK3 6374 149V Motor and I need to get motor mounts but im new to cnc stuff so im hoping to find a motor mount file that i can get.

I don’t believe torque boards ever released his design open-source.

Here is an alternative solution, Here are the files for the Enertion Motor Mounts that I released many years ago as open-source files.

This design is suitable for clamping onto all caliber style trucks & most motor up to 63m diameter. Enjoy :slight_smile:



here is the original topic about it

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thanks mate, what kind of motor pulley and belt drive for it? i feel bad for asking but im really new to this kind of stuff

Well, i suppose it is compatible with any thing you like. This is literally a bracket to hold the motor adjacent to the hanger.

The moving drive train parts are not constrained by this mount, except for the center distance. I cannot actually remember what the centre distance is.

But you must decide what wheel diameter you want, and what voltage, and motor kv, to reach your desired top speed.

Say 90mm wheel for example. 190kv motor, Then you would probably want 16teeth 5m htd pulley on the motor. Then probably 36-40teeth on the wheel.

This article goes into full detail