Looking for constructive feedback on first build with hub motors

Hi gang—I’ve been reading through the forum quite a bit, but I’m still well behind the general knowledge curve to be sure. I’m a 48 year old graphic designer with a casual long boarding hobby. Now I want to go electric.

I was led here after researching many pre-builts and determining the following:

  1. I’d like the ability to choose my own deck & some components—I want what’s right for “me”.
  2. I’d like to really learn more about the specifics & science—always achieved from DIY, not to mention the ability to replace, tweak & improve.
  3. I’m a parent, and although I have some discretionary income, spending a lot of money all at once is not in the cards. A piece-by-piece build fits my lifestyle better.

That said, because I’m a designer and not an electrician, I am trying to achieve a “plug-and-play” board of sorts, in the vein of one of RunPlayBack’s videos. Aesthetics & simplicity (from an assembly standpoint) are of major interest to me: So… here’s what I’m thinking

• MOTORS: dual hub motors (I live in Florida—no hills to speak of, and I want to maintain pushability & clean lines). Thing is, I have no idea what sort of hub motors are easiest—or available. I’ve looked into Enertion & Carvon, but they don’t seem available for sale at the moment.

• BATTERY: I love the idea of an all-in-one LIPo/power switch/meter component like Enertion’s SPACE Cells. I literally want to combine fewer components & do it cleanly.

• VESC: Honestly… I’m still reading up on this stuff. Pretty in the dark, but know I need (want) one.

• CONTROLLER/RECEIVER: same as above, really.

• DECK: Not sure yet on specifics, but a 38-40" longboard deck seems like my style.

• TRUCKS: I’d love to be able to use standard trucks (I skate on 10" Caliber 2’s right now), which is another reason I’m going hub motor & DIY.

WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH IT: Have fun. Carve. Cruise through backstreets & neighborhoods. Head up small inclines at a decent clip. I don’t need eye-rolling torque, or breakneck speed—but I definitely want some power & zip. Topping out in the mid twenty-something mph with ease sounds great. Most important to me though is smooth power transition… I’m a fan of fluid acceleration–I’m not racing. Solid braking ability would be a great thing, too.

Any insight on my initial thoughts would be great. I fully understand that this forum represents a wide range of interests and alliances—casual builders and business owners with their own products—I get that, and I welcome that diversity. I’ve seen some pretty big political rants in some of these posts, and I’m interested in the tech of things—not the “pick a side” of things. Research is first, but I’d love to get my act together by mid summer, so I can actually get out there too.

Thanks guys!

Sounds like a single Carvon 2.5 hub would suit you just fine. Your definitely going to want to go with a VESC (post your settings here before you use it so it dosnt go up in smoke). The Space cell is no longer available, and a mini remote or modded GT2B remote is the way to go! The last thing you will need is an enclosure for it all.

Let us know when other questions arise!

Thanks for the quick reply—yeah, I’ve got a lot of reading to do on the VESC stuff still—I’m just watching vids on amps & volts right now, so I can get up to speed. Regarding the space cells though, I just visited the Enertion site & this is what I was talking about:


I wasn’t aware that they had any stock left, but yeah that would work! It also has a ‘built in’ enclosure so no need to worry about purchasing one separately.

Right—my thoughts exactly. And… looks like Carvon isn’t currently selling any hubs at the moment. I know their V3’s will be out soon, but right now, purchasing either is not an option.

Maybe someone on the forum has an extra set they would sell you. Other the Cravon there aren’t really any hub motors on the market.

Steelhubs? Torque? Or, any thoughts on these? Saw them recommended in the forum, but only by link. Ok, or steer clear?


I would suggest heading over to https://esk8hubs.com/ and buying 2 hub motors and 2 vescs. ($345 + shipping.) The hub motors fit on to all but the thickest of trucks, however I would suggest a Caliber or Paris truck to get rid of the guess work!

My friend is putting together a board for me and you can follow the thread at https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-black-beauty-4wd-hub-build/20194

It will be complete within the next 2-3 weeks so if you can wait that long a video will be posted showing the hub motors in action!

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It’s also worth taking a look at torqueboards hubs. He’s getting a new upgraded batch in soon and the ones that are already out on his hub motor complete seem to be getting pretty good reviews. Plus he sells VESC’s and pretty much anything else you’d need.

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Right on. Thanks!

Why not make a single belt drive instead of hubs? It gives alot more torque and overall power. I’m using a belt drive and its rock solid

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Yeah, I’ve researched both & in-hub is what my aesthetic brain is craving. One question I do have regarding single drives though is this: when carving, isn’t there a “sticky side” and a “slippy side” giving power to only one wheel? Or are you turning the whole axle somehow?

I have a single belt drive and have no problems with it. Goes and stops and is easy to change parts if needed. I have had 2 different sets of hubs previously which were a little flawed. One set got too hot, the other set had poor wheel material. I would suggest waiting to see reliable reviews of the hubs you are looking at before you commit. To my knowledge carvon are the best regarded tried tested hubs.

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Thanks. Can you suggest a simple setup?

Sorry—just deleted my reply by accident… I’ve read some of what you’re talking about with the various hub issues. I’ll keep an eye on the tech, but I may well start with a belt drive. What sort of setup do you have & what do you love/dislike about it? Thx

you could try some maytech hubs but the low kv might not be that smooth. I ride a single belt, but with no hills, a single hub would have a more natural feel.

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I got a mount and drive system from the group buy a while back. The mount and pulleys were designed by @JuniorPotato93 and were excellent. The motor is a big one from a group buy a 6374. 63mm dia and 74 long. I had one of the older enertion vescs.
Also use a mini remote which I’ve had no problems with. I use Lipo batteries from hobyking but have a pack that I need to get round to make an enclosure for. The board goes well, I’m 6ft 6 ish and 90kg, There are some group buys at the moment. One for a two part mount and the other for some pulleys for flywheel type wheels. If you’re US based I think @JLabs still sells motors and other parts.

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