Looking for drive and wheel pulleys

Looking for a cheaper option either used or new. I think $56 shipped is little ridiculous of a price with TB pulleys with a belt. Especially the $10 shipping cost. Let me know what you have. Thanks

What kind of wheel pulleys are you looking for? Flywheels? Kegels?

For the motor pulley - how wide? Keyway preferred?

What kind of gearing are you looking for as well? And how long are you willing to wait? There’s a lot of alternatives than buying from the known vendors but there are some tradeoffs…

@oriol360 sells drive pulleys for kegels and flywheels at a reasonable price, motor pulley you can find on eBay and same goes for the belts. If you know how to source the whole thing shouldn’t be more than 35 USD

Thanks for this I have searched eBay having a hard time I’d like a 12mm wide 13 tooth on the motor and 265 length belt can’t find either on eBay