Looking for dual motor mount for 6374

Looking for sturdy dual motor mount for 6374 sk3 on 100mbs wheels,218 caliber II truck,any recommendations??

Since almost every truck is a different design, we need to know what trucks you are using right?

Ohh I forgot 218mm caliber 2. From diy electric skateboard

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I would go with @dickyho mounts

@Boardnamics if you’re using 97mm wheels or smaller

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100mm MBS Wheels

make sure its the ‘long’ @dickyho caliber mounts

I’m selling used marcmt88 dual janux mounts with crossbars, 80usd + shipping.

PM me if youre interested :+1:

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I’m running those janux mounts with dual 6374 sk3 sensored on torqueboards 218mm. Very tight fit.

I can personally recommend mounts by @marcmt88 After having 2 mounts fail (DIYE and some random ebay one), this one just feels much firmer, is easier to align, and dual idlers are fantastic for belt grip

Whoosh as well

I’ve got a set of BKB motor mounts. Made for caliber/Tb 218’s. Never used. Black anodized, sexy as all heck. I would sell them to you for cheaper than new.