Looking for Enclosure

I’m looking for an enclosure that’s roughly 165mm x 400mm let me know if you have anything close

I have a UnikBoards enclosure that i bought in error, i’m in the US https://www.unikboards.com/wp-content/uploads/Boitier-final-1.51.jpg

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No, my battery won’t fit in that. But thanks!

cool, nor did mine…

Does this work for you?

No, it’s too narrow. I need one that’s a little wider, but thank you

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That’s the outside dimensions, inside dimensions are 400mm x 130mm

Jeez :man_facepalming: Sorry about that :joy:

Lol, it’s okay

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What about the depth tho? Single layer?

Not sure, but if everything else matches it’s probably fine

Honestly I might just buy one of those Amazon ones, cut it down the middle, widen it, and use duct tape down the middle to hold both sides together

Maybe you can try making one yourself?

Maybe eventually, but I’m too busy at The current moment

Maybe this one will do: https://psychotiller.com/collections/enclosures/products/lorimer-burst